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Use of antibiotics among broiler chickens in Assam and North Eastern states

December 19, 2016 09:03PM

Farhana Ahmed

Assam and other North Eastern states are one of the most meat consuming states of India. Apart from livestock, poultry constitutes a major portion of the meat intake by the people of these states. However, due to growing population and declining local reeds of chickens, the majority…


Mobile Banking: vis-a-vis of post Demonetisation

December 13, 2016 05:04PM

Avik Chakraborty

Ever since I got an electric shock, I reduced my television watching time. The shock caused "eyesight" problems and consequently I switched over to listen daily News in Mobile phone with the help of my "EAR PHONE" device. Listening All India Radio (Dibrugarh) News from Khonsa(Aru…


Innovation CSR application in the Supply Chain Business

December 13, 2016 04:42PM

Pranjal Kumar Phukan

Executive Summary

In general, the known four traditional arguments are the moral argument, the license-to-operate argument, the sustainability argument, and finally the reputation argument. While acknowledging that these are solid arguments in support of CSR, the article f…


Valley of Tattoos – Arunachal Pradesh

December 12, 2016 10:05PM

“Tattoos are like stories-they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life”. –Pamela Anderson.

Bishal Aran

Tattoo is a pattern of body alteration by infixing ink into the skin to change the pigment. Years before celebrities and rockstars, tattoos were used by all tribal populatio…


Trafficked babies, black money and India's values

December 11, 2016 11:47PM

We all know that the price of something doesn't always indicate its true value, but prices can still be very revealing.

By Justin Rowlatt (South Asia correspondent for BBC)

Two of India's currency notes have been worthless since early November

Two very different sets of prices demo…


The reason rich people keep on working

December 11, 2016 11:29PM

By Alina Dizik (BBC)

Money is a much smaller driver of happiness at work than we think. (Credit: Alamy)

When Keith, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, worked at a technology company that went public, he became rich overnight. He was sure he’d never need to work again.

His pay-out from t…


Mountain Cultures: Celebrating diversity and strengthening identity

December 10, 2016 06:42PM

Ranjan K Baruah

We have been seeing hills and mountains. Though we see more hills around us there are mountains too. A mountain is a large landform that stretches above the surrounding land in a limited area, usually in the form of a peak. A mountain is generally steeper than a hill. High elevati…


Stand up for someone's rights today!

December 9, 2016 05:45PM

Ranjan K Baruah

Every individual on earth has human rights but problem comes when those rights are violated. There are different forms of human rights violation which may start from home like domestic violence. Presence of Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act is a big question when it comes to human…


Volunteerism for Social Transformation

December 8, 2016 01:35PM

Ranjan K Baruah

Many people wanted to work without expecting any financial gains. A term which is used in this context is volunteering. Volunteering can be for different causes which start from volunteering for community services to helping people during calamities and disasters. It is generally…


Inclusive society for sustainable future

December 8, 2016 01:30PM

Ranjan K Baruah 

Out of 7 billion people around the world, over 1 billion people have some form of disability, that’s 1 in 7.  There are more than 100 million disabled persons are children and children with disabilities are almost four times more likely to experience violence than non-disabled c…


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