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Farming Guide for Arecanut Plantation

September 25, 2016 06:43PM


The areca nut palm is the source of common chewing nut, popularly known as betel nut or Supari. In India it is extensively used by large sections of people and is very much linked with religious practices. India is the largest producer of areca nut and at the same time largest consumer also…


The Benefits of Horticultural Therapy for Children

July 26, 2016 07:57PM

Many adults can attest to the positive effects of gardening on their lives. Gardening is actually good, gentle exercise, that reduces stress, and gives a feeling of satisfaction as hard work pays off in healthy, colorful ways.

But more and more research is starting to show that children can also …


Summer Rose Care Tips

July 26, 2016 07:56PM


This is the time of the year when all the annuals you planted this spring are finally blooming. And the long, warm days seem to intensify the fragrance of summer blooming Lilies and roses. It's the time to revel in the glory of the garden.

But, then you notice a few flaws. Uh, oh, that rose…


Cultivation of Elephant Yam

July 26, 2016 07:54PM


Gajendra and Sree Padma are the popular cultivars.


A rich red-loamy soil with a pH range of 5.5-7.0 is preferred. It is a tropical and subtropical crop. It requires well distributed rainfall with humid and warm weather during vegetative phase and coo…


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