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Miracle at Radha Krishna Temple

January 11, 2017 11:22PM

Mithun Baruah I Margherita

Reports say that Radha Krishna Statue at Dehing Tea Estate 12 No. Line Margherita witnessed a miracle. Several people flocked to Radha Krishna Statue. 

It so happened that water had started to mysteriously seep from the feet and flute of Krishna, people gathered in huge queues, prompting the local police to rush to the spot. The statue was built by Biswarati Mata 15 years ago.

“Radha Krishna Statue has been witnessing miracles since the beginning of its inception and this is certainly an auspicious sign,” said Biswajit Das, priest of Radha Krishna Temple. “Few years ago flowers were seen coming out from this temple, to this   devotees from far-flung places rushed to the spot,” said Biswajit Das.

The Radha Krishna Temple is built with mud and bamboo and the seeping out of water from the feet and flute of Lord Krishna has added excitement at Margherita Region.

Sensing out excitement the head priest also demanded vigilance from the Police department to tackle anti-social elements as he said, “Some people under the influence of alcohol are trying to create nuisance disturbing the peace and harmony of the local populace, hence I request the Margherita Administration and Margherita Police to take strict action against these elements.”

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