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Hope and aspiration grow for a welcome change in New Year

December 31, 2016 07:36PM

Shambhu Boro

 Tezpur:  After many ups and downs witnessed in 2016, the common people here are hoping that the New Year will usher in a welcome change. While interacting with this correspondent at the advent of 2017, noted litterateurs, academicians, artistes, social workers, sport personalities and politicians stressed that the good things that happened in the bygone year should be cherished.

Registrar, Tezpur University Dr. Biren Das, said that being in academic sphere, he has seen the year 2016 as a good one for the state of Assam. By and large, the academia has taken a momentum without any hurdle. “The new Government in the State has declared good number of welfare schemes for students and academic institutions and initiated reforms in the sector targeting overhauling the state’s education sector. Results of HSLC and higher secondary final examinations have shown upward trends with remarkable performances by the vernacular medium institutions. Earlier, hardly any college or University could secure Good grading in NAAC’s assessment; but in this year a good number of colleges have been accredited with A or higher grades. Hope other institutions of Higher Education in the state will be inspired by this example.” He said adding that making a history, Tezpur University was able to get accolade of Visitor’s Best University Award-2016 among the 44 central Universities in the country. It is also worth mentioning that IITG, Guwahati University and Tezpur University could get respectable positions in the First ever National Rankings of Higher Educational Institutions in the country by MHRD under NIRF. Tezpur University got 5th rank in this ranking. Tezpur University and IITG also shared a position in the 600+ band of World Universities in Times Higher Education World University rankings for 2016. Government of Assam’s new initiative to celebrate Swahid Divas to respect the departed souls (Swahids) of the great Assam Movement, celebration of 100 years of students’ union in Assam, pre-centenary celebration of Assam Sahitya Sabha are positive sign of people’s movement. Winning of Sahitya Akademi Awards by three litterateurs of the state are three important good news of the year. With many positive attributes, failure to complete NRC is a matter of concern. The ongoing controversy of Assam Sahitya Sabha leadership is another matter of concern for me. He said.

Expressing grave concern over the ongoing conflict regarding existence of secretary of Asom Sahitya Sabha, Paramananada Rajbangshi in the platform of the apex literary body of the state, Sahitya Akadami award recipient Geeta Upaidhyai said that it is very unfortunate that in a sacred platform like Asom Sahitya Sabha that has been dealing very sensitively with the national life of the Assamese people, such incidents should not have been taken place. “Particularly, during the moment of centenary year celebration this issue has faded up the common literature loving people. There are many people fit for the post of the secretary selecting whom the issue could be mitigated.” She said and added that she hopes that in the days to come the literature loving people will have a good day in the platform of Asom Sahitya Sabha. Speaking on the changes witnessed during 2016 she also said that an activity like demonetization is a good step for making a corruption free nation. “However, for giving a totality towards this endeavor positive involvement from all concerned is a must,” She added.           

Noted teacher Manmayuri Goswami sharing her views at the door step of the New Year 2017 said that the year 2016, despite certain pitfalls has seen some significant moments with the surgical strike, demonetization and GST topping the list. The prime minister of the country was lauded for his efforts. Although the common people have to undergo certain hardship, yet he had come outing support of these measures. “In the field of sports also put in the limelight by six women including PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik, Deepa Karmakar, Aditi Ashok and Sania Mirja in their respective fields. It was also a good year for the Indian Hockey. But about pitfalls in Assam a measure issue has been unabated poaching of one-horned rhino. Although the government has issued stringent action against poachers, altogether 18 rhinoceros have been killed this year. This need to be checked more,” She mentioned.  Adding as far as the New Year is concerned, she welcomes it with certain expectation. “We hope it would keep up the good works of 2016 with some welfare and pro-poor schemes that could bring in a surge in social spending expenditure,” she said.

 Echoing the same a noted social worker and senior Journalist of Jamunguri area, Basav Bhuyan said that the year 2016 was remarkable one in the state and national perspective. People witnessed a lot of changes in political and economic fields specifically. “As a social being, myself is very much concern with the aforesaid issues. Apart from these, several eventful moments of excellence created a ripple of joy in public joy. The coming year will hopefully bring an atmosphere of peace and development in public domain,” he opined.

A noted personality belong to the historic Tezpur town closely attached with the cultural field, renowned Assamese cine actor, Arun Nath expressing his views regarding the bygone year said that change is always invitable and accordingly he has seen many changes in the cultural world including  Assamese film industry. “But noticeable change is yet to be happened,” he said adding the stagnant condition in Assamese film industry is seen regaining a new pace. Welcoming the demonetization policy he also said that there is no other option to make the country free from the corruption.

            Hemanta Baruah, noted litterateur, mentioned that he always expected a better tomorrow. Saying about the changes he has witnessed during 2016 Baruah also said that according to the wish of the common masses the state has got a new government. “But I think the government will need few days more for delivering good-governance. However, the most unwanted incidents that have pained me a lot are that frequent killing of one-horned rhino in the state and ethnic clashes happened now and then which should be stopped forever thereby turning the region into a peaceful zone.” He said and added that the demonetization is a good step for taking forward the nation, but the cashless system of transaction is too early to introduce in a state like Assam where 80 percent people are yet to accustom to the digitized world.

For Deputy Commissioner, Sonitpur, Manuj Kumar Deka 2016 was good for the state as the people have got a new government after which the work culture is grown among the people. “Though the demonetization in the beginning created some trouble for the people it has now come to the streamline. The new government has given many responsibility of work which is to be taken forward near the people.” The administrative officer said adding that the New Year 2017 will bring a ray of hope and aspiration, besides peace and tranquility among the people.

Noted cultural activist Anil Bhattacharya expressing concern over the degradation in the cultural field said that a society’s identity is reflected through its culture and heritage. The cultural activists will have to come forward to capitalize whatever the culture loving people want. “As a cultural activist I feel that cultural activists are to create good taste connecting with the receiver (the common masses). I hope in the new year people involved in the cultural field will give a concerted effort to provide a new dynamism to the new generation,” he said.

            Noted radio artiste Durgamoyee Bora said that government is trying to bring a change but in this regard people’s cooperation is a must. “Because work culture is yet to grow among us without which development of a nation is simply a dream.” She said and hoped that hoped that 2017 would be even better and urged all concerned to play a positive role.

Actress Krishna Das Nath stated that audience is the soul of cinema world. “But it is necessary to meet the taste of the audience by presenting good cinema. We hope the year 2017 will help the people involved with the Assamese cinema world to fall everything into place,” she mentioned.

Dr. Atul Kalita, Secretary of Indian Medical Association said that policy like demonetization is a welcome step which will be helpful to carry forward a corruption free nation and curbing all the illegal properties held many unscrupulous people of the country.  “Moreover I am hopeful that the New Year will bring more changes to the health sector to provide good health care services to the people,” he said.

Punyabrata Deva Goswami, Sattradhikar, Nikamul Sattra, was optimistic as he felt that political chaos and intolerance was scaled down in 2016 and now at this moment he is hopeful enough that the 2017 will be a year of peace and tranquility as both in national and regional perspectives the government have initiated many good steps including the demonetization to curb the corruption. Noted sports personality and the Director of Sports, Tezpur University, Pankaj Bora hoped that in the days to come, promising sportspersons of the State would get the requisite exposure.

Tezpur MP, RP Sharm said that 2016 was a mixed year as both good and bad things were witnessed including killing of 12 innocent People in Kokrajhar by the militants and bold step curb the poaching of rhino by the new Forest Minister Pramila Rani Brahma. “I am hopeful that the new year will be more fruitful for the state and the nation as the government is taking many good steps.”

Bhuyashi Talukdar a rank holder in last year’s HS (Comers) from Darrang College here said that the 2016 can be mentioned in the pages of history for a series of revolutionary events that took place. However, expressing concern over the shortfalls in state education system she opined that issues like question paper leakage damage of answer scripts will be checked in the year 2017 restoring the dignity of the students and the education system of the state.  Mridul Chutia a noted playwright and cultural activist said that the government is yet to deal properly with the folk culture of the state. “I hope the government will work in this field in the days to come giving a new dimension.” 

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