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Resolution passed to separate Miao, Bordumsa sub-divisions from Changlang District

January 28, 2017 08:36PM

'Namdapha' is the suggested name of the new proposed district

Indrajit Tingwa I Miao

The long felt aspiration of the people of Miao and Bordumsa Sub-Divisions seems to have neared its realisation after the meeting called today for a consensus on the creation of a new district bifurcating the sub-divisions from Changlang district was held at Community Hall, Miao.

The meeting convened by the administration was attended by public leaders, GBs and PRI members resolved to go for a new district comprising the territorial limits of Miao and Bordumsa administrative sub-divisions. Deputy Commissioner Changlang, Wayong Khimhun chaired the meeting.

   Changlang Zilla Parishad Chairperson  Jowkhong Singpho, former minister C.C.Singpho, T. Rumi,ADC Miao, Sabadam Tayang, EAC Diyun, Circle Officers of Miao and Kharsang circles were also present besides the public leaders, PRI members, youths from the six constituent circles of the two sub-divisions.

After threadbare deliberations by the senior public leaders, PRI members and GBs, it was finally agreed on the resolution for creation of the proposed district. Earlier while putting their views most of the speakers suggested 'Namdapha' as the nomenclature of the proposed district. The Deputy Commissioner while declaring the resolution thanked all present for participating in the meeting and added that new things comes attached with apprehensions. He said that the idea of having a new district ought to be appreciated.

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Why the people suggest the dist name as namdapha?as u know that dapha is title name of some tribe.if u want to take name by people clan then u can give the famous clan as Jawahalal dist or ghandhi dist or modi. Here we have many good name say miao. kharsang .namchik . Dihing.

Namdapha is a good name ...