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Mugaphi Vijaynagar thrashes Ranglungkan FC 5-1, enters quarters

August 7, 2016 08:34PM
Battle lines drawn for the exciting football tournament organised by Miao Sub -Division Youth Organisation    

Miao, Aug 7: The last match of the second round of the Independence Cup Football Tournament - 2016, Miao was played today between Mugaphi Vijaynagar and Ranglungkan FC. The tournament which has drawn lot of excitement till now is organised by the Miao Sub-Division Youth Organisation. 
Mugaphi Vijaynagar pumped in as many as 5 goals while Ranglungkan FC had to retreat from the tournament having scored only 1 goal in the match. Ball possession was almost equal by both teams throughout the match. Mugaphi Vijaynagar also made a few beautiful attempts which were near misses. However the solitary goal in favour of Ranglungkan FC was scored through a terrific shot from the sides.
   Ranglungkan FC had directly entered the second round through a bye. Mugaphi Vijaynagar will next take on Mpen United in the last quarter final matched which will be played on 11 August.Whichever team wins in that quarter final will face the winner of tomorrow's first quarter final match. Meanwhile, it has been noticed that the number of spectators are growing everyday. "It is really a positive thing that people are coming to the playground to watch the matches", one of the organisers said. 
Today's Result: Mugaphi Vijaynagar 5 : Ranglungkan FC 1

Tomorrow's match: Scorpion Returns will meet Civil Power FC in the first quarter final match.

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